on the first of three occasions when they desecrated his grave Karen Yessenia Gonzalez Fuentes At the corregimiento La Esmeralda cemetery in the municipality of Arauquita (Arauca), his father Santiago found the safe open. the glass of the broken coffin and the bones scattered around it, apparently, phalanges of their feet.

He also found an old red artificial flower bouquet that had been altered two months ago.

The first insult to Karen’s memory occurred on October 14 last year, seven months after she was killed during a hitman attack on the municipality of Saravena, also in Arauca.

Karen was traveling while having a barbecue on a motorcycle driven by her husband, Juan Pablo Jiménez, when they were caught by two gunmen riding another motorcycle. Two of the six bullets fired by the shooter hit the back and one leg of the 33-year-old woman, who was then a mother of two, aged 16 and 6.

Karen’s husband, a Saravena merchant and politician, tried to escape the gunmen on an unpaved street, but had no chance of getting through a hole, and Karen, severely injured, could no longer hold on to him and fell. The motorcycle head hit the ground heavily.

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Juan Pablo wanted to go back to get his wife, but the hitmen stood by him and he decided to continue calling the Police, fearing they would shoot him again. The criminals stayed beside Karen’s helpless body for a few seconds and did not follow Juan Pablo any further; they fled.

A woman who saw Karen lying on the floor from her home rushed to her aid, but the only thing that could be done was to take her to the hospital immediately. It was Karen’s eldest son who did this a few minutes later, who arrived on the scene after the news that his mother had been badly injured in an attack that spread like wildfire through the town. The young man took his mother in a taxi to the Saravena hospital.

Karen arrived at the medical center in very bad shape despite her vital signs. While she was being taken to the emergency room, her younger sister, Yiris, who came to the hospital, defeated the guards and the police and threw herself on the bloody stretcher, which was her best friend, partner, confidant. “Karen, please get up, we’re strong for your children,” Stillris cried, beating her legs helplessly.

As the nurses and doctors took Karen into a room, Stillris slammed into the walls and didn’t stop crying. Two minutes later a doctor came out and told him Karen was dead.

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As Karen’s life darkened, Juan Pablo continued to take shelter at the police station for fear of being killed. After learning that his wife died in that place, he recorded a video in which he was questioned a lot. In this, he denied the attack and complained to the writers because it had nothing to do with Karen’s complaints and political activities.

Karen, who studied dentistry at the University of Santo Tomás in Bucaramanga, was known as a wonderful person, cheerful, generous, noble, respectful, in addition to being a woman who was recognized as “very beautiful” by her surroundings. , charismatic. “She was the one who united the whole family, both the central family and the extended family. She was the eldest daughter and devoted herself to caring for everyone, she was the one who provided, provided the dates, the details of the celebrations,” she said.

Tears were shed from family and friends in one of the rooms of the funeral home, where Karen was wearing a headscarf, while chatting about what a good person Karen was and the tragedy her tragic death represented.

Juan Pablo was hiding for fear of losing his life, but he attended the funeral to say goodbye to his wife. The moment he accompanied was nervous because Karen, her mother-in-law and brother-in-law had asked her to retire from politics for putting it all at risk.

In fact, he had been threatened and had to leave Saravena. But, According to Stillis, she uploaded a video on her social networks on the day of the attack, announcing that she had returned to Saravena to exercise her right to vote. in the legislative elections held on March 13 last year (to elect representatives and senators).

Karen received a Christian burial at the cemetery of La Esmeralda, where she was born. Relatives in his safe put a photograph of him behind thin glass. Stillris assures him that his sister has a vision in which she tells him that it was politicians who killed her, so she had to cast a blank ballot. Stillis remembered that she shouted the message her sister had given to those who attended the funeral.

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In mid-October last year, seven months after Karen’s death, her relatives left for Cartagena. His father remained in Arauquita. On the night of October 14, she received a call that her daughter’s grave had been desecrated. Accompanied by the cemetery keeper, Don Santiago saw his daughter’s bones next to the coffin, but signs that they were trying to leave everything as it was.

Then he called his relatives and informed them. Although Karen’s death was still recent, her relatives continued to remember her and dream about how she would enjoy those holidays, as with any private date.

Believing that this event would never happen again, the family rearranged Karen’s grave. However, four days later, on October 18, they desecrated the tomb again, broke the glass cover with the key they put on it, tried to break the brick wall they had placed, and broke the coffin in the meantime. On that occasion, they found no bones outside, but a flower from another grave and signs that they had lit a fire near the cellar.

Already back from Cartagena, Stillris sought a priest to pray at Karen’s grave, but was worried about why her sister’s cellar had been recontaminated, believing it was something else, not random.

The bishop prayed and sprinkled the rubble on the coffin, and after the prayer was over he told Stillis to take into account that October was the month of the demonic rites.. Given this theory, Stillris thought that because Karen was a beautiful woman, the “witches” disrespected her as they could use her remains to make men fall in love.

Don Santiago had a steel plate made to cover the safe. In addition, after introducing the coffin, they placed a wider and more solid brick wall. They kept the glass door, but with a thicker one. He looked for someone to watch the tomb at night, and when he couldn’t find anyone, he watched him every day from 20:00 to 01:00 for a month, but he fell ill.

Despite the thicker steel sheet and brick wall placed in the vault, Karen’s grave was desecrated for the third time on January 29. Relatives found a melted candle, signs of a fire, fabric from Karen’s dress, and bloody toilet paper.

After this third insult to his daughter’s memory, Don Santiago decided to remove her from the safe and take her to a secret place for burial. The grave is deep, and a 15-centimeter-thick concrete slab and 16 six-meter-thick bars were poured over the coffin. When they dug his body out of the grave, they found that the bones of his feet were missing and that there was no trace of the two pairs of socks, one of which was pink.

“I think Yessenia can rest in peace now, because what she did to this girl was a shame to us,” said Don Santiago.

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Yirenis gave the Prosecutor evidence that could lead to the arrest of those who desecrated his sister’s grave. Fingerprints of who or who operated it are left on the sheet steel they put in the safe. He hopes that the investigative and incriminating agency will find these people and that justice will be served, at least for those who have dishonored Karen’s memory and disturbed her family, as her murder remains unpunished.

The prosecution learned that Karen’s relatives had moved her body to another location and summoned her mother, Natividad Fuentes, to Saravena on Monday (February 13th) to explain why they had done so. However, 11 months after Karen’s death, nothing is known about the assassins and those responsible for the attack.

Fernando Umana Mejia

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