Housing, City and Territory Minister, Catalina Velasco, announced the arrangements to be made in the subsidy program My Home AlreadyAn initiative that has been in place since 2015 and will be continued by the current Government to ensure that aid reaches all municipalities and seeks more efficient allocation.

“The adjustments made respond to a diagnosis developed for the program, the results of binding regional dialogues, and collaborative work between Government, communities, construction companies, compensation funds and funding agencies.” minister..


The program is aimed at those who are interested. buy new housethose who have not benefited from another housing subsidy and are not owners on national territory.

In addition, the household concerned must have completed the Sisbén IV questionnaire and have a classification equal to or lower than the Sisbén IV questionnaire. D11 for urban households and D20 for rural households.

Households wishing to access Mi Casa Ya should research the real estate market for new housing, urban or rural, social or priority interests of their choice, in the project that caught their attention.

Having made the decision, you should approach the issue. financial institution of your choiceto your preferred solidarity economy organization or family compensation fund to process the mortgage loan, or hire sheltered housing by measure.

Mi Casa Ya provides households with two benefits. First, it subsidizes the initial fee for an amount that will depend on the Sisbén group to which the household concerned is classified.

In urban areas, households in Sisbén classified between groups A1 and C7 receive a monthly minimum wage subsidy of 30. (34.8 million pesos) for payment of your starting fee.

For their part, households with Sisbén classification C8 to D11 will receive a subsidy corresponding to: 20 months’ salary (23.2 million pesos). In rural areas, those with sibén between A1 and C14 will receive 30 months’ salary support, while those with sibén class C15 to D20 will receive 20 minimum wage support.

Additionally, Mi Casa Ya benefits households with its coverage. home loan interest rate anyone hire housing or property granted in the first seven years of the mortgage loan hire housing, to reduce monthly installments and the amount depends on the type of housing purchased.

Therefore, when a household buys a priority interest home (VIP), coverage is 5 percentage pointsFor households purchasing social-interest housing (VIS) at a price higher than 90 monthly salaries (104.4 million pesos), the coverage represents a reduction of 4 percentage points on the interest rate agreed with the financial institution.

Subsidies are given with priority given to the population in special vulnerability conditions and the population in rural areas and small municipalities.

Each household interested in the program will be awarded a score ranging from 0 to 100., according to the characteristics and location of the housing project you want to have. As long as there are quotas, aid will be delivered to the households with the highest score.

The tables below show the prioritization criteria and the scores assigned to each. The total score of the household will be the sum of the scores obtained from each criterion.

For operational purposes, all households currently in The ‘Active’ state will be named ‘Interested’‘. This will be valid until March 30, 2024. After this period, the registration will be canceled and if the household wants to apply again, they will have to register again. Only one active registration will be allowed per household.

Assignments will be made to ‘Related’ status households that meet the program requirements. New applications will be accepted permanently from April 1.

The household must meet the Sisbén requirement to be included in the ‘Related’ status. Therefore, if you do not have a classification in Sisbén, you should take steps for it. If the household does not continue the process after one year, its registration will be canceled and they will have to reapply.

Application to the program must be made on a platform provided by the Ministry of Housing, City and Territory.

The same benefits will be retained as before, but will now be targeted via Sisbén IV, not by income range.

Regarding the down payment subsidy for housing in urban areas, Sisbén IV equal to or less than C7 They will receive 30 months’ salary, with the subsidy given to households C8 to D11 being 20 months’ salary.

For rural dwellers, the subsidy for the starting quota of 30 months’ salary is 20 months’ salary for households classified as C14 or below and for households C15 to D20.

First, it should be verified whether the person has the Sisbén IV classification on the website https://www.sisben.gov.co/Paginas/consulta-tu-grupo.aspx.

If you are not actually at the Sisbén IV base, you should contact the Sisbén office of the municipality where you live or request them to carry out the Sisbén investigation.

You can find your municipality’s contact information at https://www.sisben.gov.co/Paginas/oficinas-regionales.aspx.

Being enrolled in Sisbén IV and being at the designated cut-off points is a prerequisite for applying to the programme..

NO, To access the program you must have a classification in Sisbén IV.. If he does not have it, the person concerned should request the questionnaire as described above.

Mi Casa Ya tries to prioritize the most vulnerable households looking to buy homes in areas where the program does not reach.

Each relevant household is awarded a score based on 6 criteria: the Sisbén group it is classified into, the municipality category and the region (urban or rural). Where is the house you want to buy located?the type of accommodation (VIP or VIS), if it is a victim of armed conflict and is included in the Single Victims Registry, if it meets any of the different approach criteria.

After making the necessary validation and transitions of the information, Ministry of Housing, City and Region will determine the score.

Every mayor must classify his municipality by an administrative act. If the law in question is not enacted, the Nation Accounting Office makes the classification in question with a decision.

In any case, the category of all municipalities for current validity (updated annually) can be found on the Nation’s General Accounting Office page at https://www.contaduria.gov. categorization of departments-districts-and-municipalities together.

Source: Exame

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