With the decree numbered 222 of February 15, which EL TIEMPO received as a scoop, Petro’s government opened the door for people over 70 to be brought back to some Government positions..

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EL TIEMPO only received information about the measure amending an old article of Decree 1083 of 2015.Although it allows exceptional reinstatement of retirees for some positions, it has set a mandatory retirement age limit: 70 years.

according to the decreeThe exceptions in the Decree Law No. 1083 dated 2015 should also be added.

In addition, it is noted that retirees, including people over 70 years old, are returned to their service. or retired with the right to old-age pension as long as they will work in the positions in the list.

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They appeared in the old standard: “President of the Republic; Minister or director of the Administrative Department; deputy minister or secretary general of a ministry or administrative department; head, director or director of decentralized organizations; member of diplomatic mission and private secretary of previous offices not involved in the relevant career.

Now An exception has been added to the “consultant or advisor, public choice” list.and others that designate the national government as a requirement of service, unless they exceed the mandatory retirement age.

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There is a clause in the decree stating that those who have received a pension and have not reached the age of 70 can be reinstated to the following jobs: “Director General or Deputy Director of Special Administrative Units with or without legal status, Deputy Director of Administrative Departments of Governors and Mayors, Office code 020 Secretary, Deputy Director or Deputy Director of Public Institutions, General Secretary of the Public Organization of the National Order. The President, Director or Deputy Director of an Official Public Service Company at the national or regional level, the President, the Vice-Chancellor, the National Vice-Chancellor, the Central Vice-Chancellor, the General Secretary, the National Director, the National Executives and Deans of the autonomous university entities”.

EL TIEMPO asked César Augusto Manrique, director of the Civil Service, to explain the spirit of the norm and said: “We say that since men and women have institutional memory, they can reach the manager in public administration and continue to offer their services.They have the knowledge and expertise to advance the public policy needed by any government and to perform extremely complex tasks for the Colombian State.”

And I add: “This is not a political problem, it is a technical problem of exploiting information. People cannot be de facto dismissed from public service because they can add a lot to the Colombian state”.

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Government sources added that several organizations, including the National Conservation Unit (UNP), have requested this extension.

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