In general, influencers tend to have an affluent lifestyle filled with luxuries they flaunt on their social networks. However, in many cases, the idea that they are promoting themselves is not entirely true.

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This is not the truth of all people, and to show that humility is not a limitation to chasing dreams.42-year-old Mexican Laura Miranda Flores posts videos about her daily life on her networks.. Without being surrounded by luxuries, he managed to sell clothes and also had the opportunity to tell his anecdotes.

The woman goes viral on social networks and there are those who support her tirelessly. But that hasn’t exempted him from criticism from some users who judge him for having a modest home. To respond to her critics, Laura shared a video describing each part of her home..


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In an interview with the newspaper ‘El Universal’ Laura advised netizens not to be ashamed of their achievements., because they are the result of a person’s work to obtain them. In addition, he assured that his house was the product of great effort, as it took him three years to save to build.

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