HE Air Labeloriginally designed to help those who are distracted find their devices viewIt has become a tool of harassment, motivating complaints from users and lawsuits against the manzanita brand.

This coin-sized sensor, which can be purchased for $29 in the United States, is “a very easy way to monitor things,” according to Apple’s website. suggesting hanging it on a keychain or carrying it in a wallet or backpack.

When connected to a smartphone app, AirTag helps users locate their belongings in real time in case they are lost. however, the transmitter may also track people carrying these items, sometimes without their knowledge.

That’s what happened to American singer Alison Carney when she found an AirTag in her purse while getting ready to perform at a concert in Chicago in June 2022. Carney said he didn’t put the AirTag there and You haven’t received a notification from your iPhone alerting you that an unknown accessory is nearby.

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The finding helped Carney make sense of several confusing events in his life. Ever since their turbulent relationship ended, her ex-boyfriend had been calling and texting her nonstop. even knocking on his door in the middle of the night or showing up at restaurants where he ate.

“We knew I wasn’t crazy when we found this AirTag. I knew someone was following me,” the young Washington-based woman told AFP. “I felt violated. I isolated myself. I stopped going out,” she said.

“I know someone has the ability to put a device on my body, on my stuff, and follow me for the rest of my life. And (these devices) are getting smaller and harder to detect,” he continued angrily.

Carney isn’t the only person in the United States to be followed against his will. Air Label.

Last June, in the state of Indiana, a 26-year-old man was killed by his girlfriend, who tracked his location via AirTag. according to court documents, after she suspected him of cheating on her.

The most recent case dates to February 5 in Irving, a small town north of Dallas, Texas. There, local police spokesman Robert Reeves told AFP: they had already settled a few cases regarding the famous Apple sensor, that the victim and stalker already know each other.

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According to Reeves, the next step after a complaint about this issue is to identify the owner of the account associated with the AirTag using the object’s serial number. However, Carney could not find out for sure who was behind the AirTag he found in his bag, as he did not report to the police for fear of retaliation.

But more is needed to convince Lauren Hughes and Jane Doe (a name used in the United States when one wants to remain anonymous) who are suing Apple in California.

After the divorce, Doe said her ex-husband put AirTags on their son’s backpack twice. And in a lawsuit filed in December, Hughes said he found an AirTag, Colored with felt-tip pen and wrapped in a plastic bag, affixed to the wheel well of your vehicle.

In court documents, both women question Apple for what they see as insufficient warning to users about this sensor.

AirTag alerts sent by the company are not necessarily urgent and they are only available on iPhones running iOS 14.5 or later.

Source: Exame

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