Have you ever looked at the profile of a friend or perhaps an old friend and accidentally saw their stories?

All of a sudden I wasn’t even looking at anyone’s profile, but I was in the activity of looking at people’s stories without paying too much attention and almost automatically. leaves the trail of being on someone’s profile unintentionally.

Meta’s popular social network is always alert users when someone views their storyhowever, there are ways to see temporary posts from this tool without the account holder’s knowledge.

Here are some both ways you can view stories anonymously, and ways that can allow you to save stories permanently.

It’s already a pretty well-known trick, Enter the Instagram ‘stories’ of the profile of the person you don’t want to know you’ve seen their posts, activate your mobile’s airplane mode and then see them anonymously among people who saw the video or photo.

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Another option is known as “finsta”, create an alternate Instagram account without your name and see stories like this. The limitation of both strategies and others presented in this article is that It can only be done with public profiles or profiles you already follow.

In addition to the tricks already offered, there are now several. apps and browser add-ons that allow downloading as well as viewing stories anonymously.

Chrome IG Story:
This extension is only for Chrome, but once downloaded, simply enable it when you enter Instagram and your appearance in Stories will not go unnoticed.

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Story Savior: This extension not only satisfies your desire to see other people’s stories, it also allows you to download them to your computer. Also useful for ‘stories’ on Facebook and statuses on WhatsApp.

Weynstag: This tool, unlike the previous ones, is a web page where you enter the @ sign of any user so that you can view the stories anonymously.

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Twitter: This app has versions for both Android and iPhone and gives you the option to view and download stories directly on smartphones.

Source: Exame

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