Microsoft releases Bing, Skype and Edge with ChatGPT for iPhone

The company has updated its suite of iOS apps with the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT.

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Skype app will offer Bing calls with artificial intelligence

While Apple is deciding what its next move with AI will be, Microsoft has already upgraded its best practices with Apple’s AI system. ChatGPT. The company has released new versions. Skype, Bing and Edge Available on the App Store with ChatGPT integration for iPhone and iPad.

This was announced by the multinational in an official statement where they emphasized that the initiative was well received among its users. As he reported, More than a million people from 169 countries applied to participate To a trial version of Bing and Edge.

Skype, Edge and Bing with ChatGPT now available on the App Store

Microsoft introduced Bing search with ChatGPT at an event a few weeks ago where the company announced that any user who wants to try the new AI can request early access. Since then, the company has feedback about how to improve ChatGPT integration to their platform.

It should be noted that updates for Skype, Edge and Bing offer. preview of innovations It is from Microsoft and not the full official version. It’s kind of like a test version. Moreover, only users who request early access will have access to these artificial intelligence functions.

If you want to request access to a trial version of Skype, Bing and Edge with ChatGPT, you must join the waitlist on the official Bing website.

“Available on iOS and Android starting today, the Bing mobile app a refreshed experience and a fresher vision.”

As Microsoft stated, with the launch of the Bing mobile application, one of the most requested functions has been added by users who try the preview of the OpenAI artificial intelligence system: voice call.

Microsoft has conveyed that they will thank you and promise you for your patience if you are one of the users currently on the waiting list for early access. they will continue to work as fast as possible so everyone can benefit from ChatGPT integration in its apps, services and platforms.

What do you think about the release of the new version of Microsoft mobile apps on the iOS App Store?

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