The government is progressing in drafting the labor reform bill, which will be presented to Congress on March 16.and a few days before that happened, Labor Minister Gloria Inés Ramírez gave an interview. Week that he developed some details about the most important points of the document.

It has been said in this sense. One of the goals is for the night shift to start at 6 pm, not 9 pm.. In the same way, it is accepted that Saturday is counted. extra hours.

“The reform will have three parts: principles, individual work and collective work. This is how the project will be built. This is what we’re discussing. We have already started discussing the following principles: equal opportunity for workers, minimum and vital wages, employment stability, availability and progress,” the minister said.

Now, what about the holidays Ramírez assured him that the 15 working days of vacation were not “increased”. They do not touch each other. They stay as they are.”

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the reason is that Petro government points to other aspects related to job stability Or at least that’s what the minister stated. According to him, “workers are more concerned with job stability and hiring methods, and in that sense we are the one who sets the bill.”

However, he continues to bet on the gradual reduction of the weekly working day ordered by him. Law No. 2101 dated 2021: “The reform is designed to respect the limits of maximum daily working hours and respond to international standards.”

Daisy Contreras

Source: Exame

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