Luisa Espinoza, a model from adult content platform Only Fans, will have to respond to Ecuadorian authorities after being accused of child pornography. Thousands of videos are part of the demonstrative material where the Police and Prosecutor’s Office detained him with two others in a joint operation.

According to the prosecutor’s office, four raids found electronic devices containing 10,000 obscene videos of children and adolescents engaging in sexual acts.

The 26-year-old girl’s name has sparked a series of controversies since her rise as a public figure. At first she was a member of the technocumbia music group Alta Tension and later became a part of the television show She.

‘Youtuber’ Felipe ‘Loco’ became a hot topic of conversation on social networks after an intimate video leaked alongside ‘Loco’ Crespo. The two distanced themselves from each other, but gained popularity on the Only Fans platform with explicit content. Espinoza said he earns more than $10,000 (about 48 million Colombian pesos) a month through his work.

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The lawsuit stems from a video Espinoza uploaded online in December 2022, appearing on the outskirts of a school in Guayaquil. giving candy to various children in exchange for touching their breasts.

The young woman, who has 500,000 followers on her Instagram network, tried to justify herself by reassuring that today’s youth are doing worse things like smoking due to widespread rejection.

“We asked the guys before the recording and we told them we were going to cover their faces. They said yes. I calculated them to be about 16-17 years. (…) I didn’t do anything right, I didn’t do anything right,” he told the local newspaper. Extra.

After the February 28 raid and arrest, authorities accuse him of being part of a gang that sexually exploits minors. Seems like, they contacted minors, gained their trust and took them to different homes to record the material.

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“We don’t know if they were offered a payment, but they were caught via social networks,” said Jorge Borja, Ecuadorian Police’s Deputy Head of the National Investigation into Gender-Based Violence.

According to investigations, the woman, along with two other people who ventured into the networks – Idris Mina and ‘Yiiocompitaa’ – sent obscene videos via electronic channels. Their origins were traced back to the houses where they appeared to have stayed.

Ecuador’s Integrated Penal Code provides for a prison sentence of 13 to 16 years for child pornography charges.. Meanwhile, the woman and two other persons were sent to prison as a precautionary measure while the judicial process was continuing.

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Source: Exame

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