Ángela Mendoza, Uber’s managing director in Colombia, mentioned that the country needs to improve legislation on mobility practices., the exit of competitors and the future of the company in the country. The directive also mentioned expansion plans and the effects of the increase in gasoline prices in the country.

We are confident that it is possible to achieve a modern regulation that has a positive impact on the economy and joint mobility of Colombian cities. From Uber, through our union, AllianceWe will continue to support efforts to achieve successful regulatory resolution and a public policy that flexibly responds to the mobility and additional earnings needs of the people of the country. It should be clear that regulation of digital platforms will have the potential to foster greater opportunities for people, drive more investment, open markets and options for everyone, from users, landlords and taxi drivers, who benefit from this technology today.

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These movements are inherent in all industries and sectors and are driven by changes in business priorities. It is our priority to continue to create innovative solutions that meet the needs of users, renters, taxi drivers and other members of society. We have been in Colombia for more than nine years and we will continue to strengthen our presence in the country with a fundamental axis: moving towards a greener, cleaner Colombia that is a cornerstone for sustainability. Likewise, we will continue to bring technology to new cities and provide more mobility solutions for people, but especially in terms of offering greater benefits and profits to renters.

We’ve facilitated more than 350 million journeys through the app since 2013. In addition, economic opportunities have been created for more than 720,000 people and more than 60,000 active homeowners to date. In 2022, we are innovating to give people more mobility and earning options. With the Uber Agreement, a rental model implemented in Colombia before any other country in the world, we carried the Uber application to new cities such as Pasto and Villavicencio. This model is used to pre-negotiate and acknowledge the value of journeys. Today, Uber operates in 16 cities and we are 100% integrated with Cornershop by Uber, an option where users can purchase items from the supermarket or more than 120 specialty stores.

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We know rising gas prices are a challenge, so we are actively exploring options to assist renters. We helped homeowners with these lifesaving hikes. Our desire is to stimulate the economy. App owners are very important to us, we have different channels to learn and understand how we can develop and innovate in their favor.

Of course, we will continue to bring technology to more cities, reaffirming our commitment to Colombia and, above all, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability, innovation and various cutting-edge technologies such as electric vehicles. We are very close to celebrating our 10th anniversary in the country by promoting entrepreneurial spirit and technological and sustainable development. For now we have an electric fleet in Bogotá, but this is one of the visions for the country.

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We have the Security Standard and currently have more than 40 security functions and tools available to users and renters in Colombia. Some of the latest technologies are RideCheck technology, which makes it possible to detect abnormal stops during the rental period; PIN code verification, which generates a random 4-digit number to verify that the user has entered the correct vehicle and knows the destination, allows renters to learn more details about their final destination before accepting a rental. On the other hand, we focus on helping to make moving from one place to another safer by putting technology at the service of security. Likewise, be a part of solving various problems such as violence against women through alliances, projects and management of actions.



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Source: Exame

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