Apple, Google, and Microsoft have expanded their support for a passwordless login standard created by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium.

New features will allow websites and apps to offer password-free login alternatives securely and easily across all devices and platforms.

These features are based on standards developed for websites and applications, with an end-to-end password-free login option.

To log in, users will have to do the same things they do every day to unlock their device, such as entering the PIN code. or use a face or fingerprint recognition system.

This new approach will protect against phishing and be much more secure than passwords and multi-factor technologies such as one-time codes sent via SMS.

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These new functions are the beginning of a new phase in security applications and the increasingly widespread use of security keys. This way, providers have every option to implement modern and anti-phishing authentication systems.Andrew Shikiar, CEO and Marketing Director of Fido Alliance, said:

According to Kurt Knight, senior director of Platform Product Marketing at Apple, the idea is to design products to be intuitive and powerful, while keeping privacy and security in mind.

“Collaborating with other companies in the industry in adopting more modern and robust login methods that offer the best protection and eliminate password vulnerabilities is essential in our commitment to: Creating products that are at the forefront of security and transparency that protect users’ personal information”, pointed the director.

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“As users naturally experience this change, the world will finally be password-free. For a solution to be viable, it must be more secure, easier to use, and faster than existing password and multi-factor authentication methods,” said corporate vice president, Identity Program Management at Microsoft. Alex Simons.

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