According to the Colombian Geological Service, at 4:23 PM this Thursday, a magnitude 5.2 tremor was recorded in various parts of Colombia. The epicenter of the earthquake was on the coast of San Juan, in the southernmost part of the Chocó department.

The earthquake was mainly felt in Valle del Cauca, Risaralda, Quindío, Caldas, Cauca, Antioquia, Tolima, Cundinamarca and Huila.

According to the Colombian Geological Service, the tremor was at a magnitude of 6, meaning it could cause minor damage.
According to this institution, the depth was 50 kilometers.

This Thursday afternoon, risk management officials are conducting a scan to determine if there is damage in the areas where the earthquake was felt.

No significant damage has been reported so far, but social network users in various cities reported that the shaking was felt quite strongly.

Source: Exame

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