success is already known. “BZRP Music Session #53” will appear on American television screens and Shakiraproducer strange and server Jimmy Fallon They will be its heroes.

Fallon, ‘The Tonight Show’ is one of the most important cultural programs in the United States and the world in general.
(Linda Caicedo makes history! Watch her first goal for Real Madrid)
(Piqué’s ex-girlfriend shows up and intensifies the discussion about Shakira: “We have to help each other”)

Due to the above, the American will get the Colombian and the Argentinean, who will be co-starring in the live version of their famous song, in the next few days.

It is pointed out that this was the “final blow” to Barranquillera’s ex-husband, a former football player. Gerard Pique, because the song is full of references to him and his new girlfriend, Clara Chia.

In the past few hours, warnings have circulated that there is a long version of the song and it will undoubtedly be another bombshell from Barranquilla.

“There’s nothing left of this love. You stole the Grammys and even the jam,” says social networks.

Well, there is a moment when the media already says that Barranquillera is inside. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ready for another war.

It is pointed out that Piqué will be in the limelight again and the lyrics will “make him famous” again.

Meanwhile, Piqué continues his work at the forefront. kings leaguethe show going on.

Source: Exame

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