There is turmoil in the city companionIn Bogotá, due to the discovery of a dead man in his house under strange circumstances.

about Andrés Gómez León from Chía, Cundinamarcalived in an apartment with two strangers with whom the rent was shared.

According to his mother, María Alicia, city ​​televisionSince Friday, the family has been unable to contact Gómez León, and on Saturday the building management reported that the garage was open and their car was not there.

“I’ve been calling him since Saturday and he won’t answer me”says mom he was the one who found the body. With the help of a locksmith, they managed to open the door of the house and the man was there. half naked: “When I walked in I saw him lying on his side on the bed.”

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The incident alarmed the authorities. trying to find out where their roommates are.

“He accused one of them on Wednesday last week,” the deceased’s mother said, adding that the tenant’s reaction was to hit him.

Daisy Contreras
*With information from CityTV

Source: Exame

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