Free Taxis announced that it would start a new project where much more personalized services could be requested, for example, where the driver was a woman.

This strategy is part of the so-called global program. Safe Cities and Public Spaces for Women and Girls from UN Women

There are currently 747 drivers, and Taxis Libres’ claim is to continue to increase this number so that there is equality in union labor opportunities within the company.

One of these drivers in Free Taxis katerine jimenezWHO He has been a taxi driver for 14 years.

“Her biggest motivation for going to work every day is her son, actually she continued to work as a taxi driver while she was pregnant to support her little baby. She also wants to start projects that she has in mind to provide her son with a good future for his family,” the company said.

To select the option, passengers can enter the Taxis Libres app, enter their departure and destination addresses and select the “customize” option, where they can specify that they want their journey to be with a driver or different alternatives offered by the platform.

Source: Exame

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