In the past few hours, a controversial video of a woman who is notoriously sad has been circulating on social networks. verbally attacks a police officer who has caught his attention at an air terminal in the country.

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The woman claiming to be the wife of a colonel, he only uses derogatory words towards the man in the uniform who is staring at him one of his colleagues is recording the disturbing situation on his cell phone.

Apparently, he sought respect from the authoritative agency and The person concerned responded by demoting him.

“My love, I respect my husband who is in the military; you are the police you are nothing”says the woman.

This fact has caused all kinds of reactions from Internet users, who do not hesitate to leave their reactions in the comment box on different digital platforms. that this is a fresh take on the iconic “you don’t know who I am” phrase.

“I see this video and I absolutely confirm that there are people with money”, “Poor cops, they’re the ones who always get their asses off, that’s not the treatment they deserve”, Don’t you know who I am?” and “He’s not a soldier or anything, so I think he should have more respect for institutions as a civilian” were some of the most visible interactions.

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Source: Exame

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