The Moscow Stock Exchange announced the temporary suspension of trading in investment units of 15 exchange-traded investment mutual funds managed by Tinkoff Capital. We are talking about securities of the “First level” of the listing. On this news, TCS Group shares collapsed in early trading by nearly 13%.

The Moscow Stock Exchange delisted 15 BPIF shares of Tinkoff Capital

This action was taken because the management company has stopped determining the net asset value of the funds. It also suspended the issuance of shares in them.

The Moscow Stock Exchange was delisted from BPIF under the following trading codes: TUSD, TEUR, TGLD, TSPX, TGRN, TSST, TBUY, TEMS, TFNX, TCBR, TSOX, TPAS, TEUS, TBEU, TRAI.

Earlier, Tinkoff Investments announced the suspension of foreign securities trading on the euro stock exchange. Last weekend, the EU unveiled the tenth package of sanctions against Russia. Tinkoff also got into it. The bank then said that they were preparing for such a development of events, so these measures will not affect the ability of clients to use Tinkoff services.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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