Inside twitter An anecdote shared by Paraguayan doctor Alejandro Ginzo describing the condition of a patient in his early 30s went viral. The emergency room was concerned about the blue color it presented in his hand.

According to the doctor’s post on Twitter, The patient did not have any underlying disease, for this, “vital signs, heartbeats were listened to, and rheumatological history was sought.” However, the results of the studies have returned to normal.

Thereupon, the doctor explained that possibilities such as acrocyanosis, possible viral disease with distal effects, thrombosis due to hyperthrombinemia due to recurrent viral symptoms, and other diagnoses were being evaluated.

Coloration did not improve despite stable vital signs and no other disturbances“, Wrote.

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In the face of the questions posed, the case resulted in a simpler diagnosis than expected: “The patient reports that he bought new jeans and used spray alcohol constantly. He wiped his hands with alcohol and laid them on his new jeans. result: blue hands. Treatment: Clean your hands before going to the emergency room,” he concluded.

The tweet garnered more than 95,800 likes and followers gave Ginzo more ‘Dr. House’ and the resulting anecdote is not. Some internet users even claimed that something similar happened to them.


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Source: Exame

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