Twitter is one of the most popular social networks today. Although he was born in 2006, it is clear that it coincides with the 2010s, when he peaked, especially when he brought the scroll to life and he could put the photo and biography of each profile; 140 characters years old.

Quickly, millions of users, including celebrities, joined, making this a great platform for communicating with fans or anyone interested in what each person has to say.

We tell you about the most famous personalities on Twitter according to the number of followers they have:

The South African businessman not only has the privilege of owning the social network, but also He is the most followed person with 135 million..

It is worth mentioning that his activity is quite intense as he constantly publishes his thoughts or updates about the application on his account.

The former president of the United States brings 132.9 million users together with his followerstwo hundred million less than the population of his country.

One of the dynamics that his followers enjoy the most is publishing their posts. playlist or a list of favorite songs each year. He does the same in the books he reads.

The Canadian singer is followed by 113.1 million users from around the world, with his music being heard on every corner.

No wonder he’s the 8th artist worldwide, according to Spotify and there he gets more listeners from Jakarta than his hometown of London, Ontario.

(Keep reading: How to start listening to your favorite music on Spotify.)

When it comes to women, Rihanna takes the first place. The Barbadian artist has 108.3 million followers.

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Daisy Contreras

Source: Exame

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