first place Pancakes and Waffles Opened to the public on April 13, 1980, it was featured at Carrera 85 with 11 in Bogotá as a creperie serving spinach, beef, chicken, salami, mushrooms and other characteristic delicacies that have survived to this day.

Beatriz Fernández and her husband, Eduardo Macía, developed the idea in the garage of Beatriz’s father’s house to open their second store, also at the International Center in Bogotá, in 1983.

Then the idea of ​​expansion came to their mind and they went to Cartagena with their pancakes, they opened now. 216 restaurants and 144 ice cream shops in countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain.

According to a review in P&M magazine, the recipe for the pancakes, which are still kept in each of the restaurants, was given to Beatriz by a lady who walked into her kitchen and said that her pancakes weren’t very good and she loved it too. She would give the key to making them delicious. The lady has disappeared, but the owner of Pancakes and Waffles describes her as “sent by God.”

Beatriz Fernández is a Bogota native who studied Management at the Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración (CESA) and her husband Eduardo. They created the business and social responsibility model that Crepes & Waffles is today.

These entrepreneurs introduce new offerings such as Crepe & Waffle Arte-Sano, creation of different flavors and consideration of fruits and products unique to Colombia.

In 2020, they created the ‘Ice Cream Truck’, which wants to visit cities and municipalities where there are no crepes yet and share their flavors there, and the first ‘Service Center’ serving in a virtual environment in 2020. by phone by women and first home motorcycle teams.

The ‘Yahoo Finance’ portal notes that Fernández and Macías emphasized that “the key to promoting and advancing is saving, treating each employee well, proper logistics management and efficiency”.

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Regarding social responsibility, You will find female heads of households at each of its locations. in care, kitchen, reception and waitress positions, the main goal is to provide them with a stable job so that they do not lack anything financially and improve their curriculum.

The official page describes these women as “combatants facing situations of great distress, brave, warriors, dedicated and responsible”.

The restaurant also does its share of being environmentally friendly, as it works hand in hand with Colombian farmers in its sustainability philosophy.


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Source: Exame

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