On Thursday, April 20, Twitter began removing blue checkmarks from users who didn’t pay for the service called ‘Twitter Blue’.

Elon Musk’s decision affected many celebrities: Pope Francis, Donald Trumpbusiness and media accounts that have lost their badges.

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Earlier, it was announced that the social network will “start reducing blue marks” given under its old verification system, which consisted of giving the blue item to high-profile people who might be exposed to impersonation.

Per Musk’s policy, this badge has been converted to a paid version and Users who want to buy need to pay $ 8 per month and join the subscription service.
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(Also: Twitter will allow tweets of up to 10,000 characters, but not for everyone.)

According to Twitter data, nearly 300,000 users received verification based on recognition of their popularity and influence on social networks.

While this blue badge will only be used for payment, the social network has implemented one of the following: Grey for government agencies and public officials. on his behalf gold badge For business accounts that request this through Twitter Approved Bodies.

Desktop verification costs 38,500 Colombian pesos per year, equivalent to 462,000.

For its part, the mobile device option is US$52,900 Colombian Pesos, which is equivalent to US$634,900 per year.

Source: Exame

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