On the afternoon of April 21, a new act of distrust was recorded in the town of Engativá, Bogotá. two people were injured in broad daylight and by bullets on public roads. Authorities are currently investigating the causes of the incident and identifying the two victims.


According to preliminary reports from the authorities, there are two hypotheses regarding the facts: The first shows that the two injured people tried to rob a dealer, and an insider reacted and fired his gun at the two criminals. .

On the other hand, it is thought that the fight that broke out due to the lack of delivery of the vehicle within the commercial enterprise may have started. This triggered the discussion, which ended in mutual shootings.

(Also: Bogotá: A man who changes an ATM to steal it is videotaped).

While the area is cordoned off for now, the two people who were shot in the legs were treated by medical teams while the authorities were investigating the incident.


Source: Exame

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