The American developer company Valve has released a major update to the world famous MOBA game Dota 2. The algorithm for selecting players has changed, and the map has increased by 40%.

Valve introduced a “huge” update to Dota 2

“Sometimes small updates come out in Dota. Sometimes they are quite large. But this update is…huge,” says the developer’s website.

New Horizons is reported to include a 40% map expansion, a new approach to matchmaking, and an improved interface. It is emphasized that the increase on the map will not affect the location of the lines relative to each other.


  • Paired portals in the corners of the maps. Players will now be able to quickly teleport from one side of the map to the other.
  • Roshan’s new houses. This creep now has two lairs on opposite corners of the map.
  • Lotus ponds that produce fruits that increase mana and HP (a measure of health)
  • Security doors. They were installed in the bases, the gates have a force field that does not let the enemy through.
  • 12 new camps with neutral creeps
  • torturers. New creeps that can respawn every 10 minutes. Appear in the 20th minute of the game.

New type of heroes

The developer has introduced new universal heroes, they do not have the main characteristics (like dexterity or intelligence). They gain +0.6 damage. Some old characters fell into this category: Vengeful Spirit, Enigma, Bane, and Lone Druid.

The formula for killing and dropping items has also changed. Now, if you kill a neutral creep, it doesn’t just drop an item, like before, but a token that unlocks a selection of five items at once.

All services and companies related to relocation on a single map

Valve previously introduced Counter-Strike 2. The developer positions the product as a “free upgrade” to the iconic CS:GO team-based shooter.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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