Nevado del Ruiz volcano completes its activity level of more than 26 days with orange, which means there is a possibility of an eruption in the coming days or weeks.. In recent days, earthquakes have shaken, that is, they have increased or decreased, and officials confirm their “instability.”

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“There is a possibility that it will explode in days or weeks. No one can say when it will happen. Another option is for it to calm down and not explode. We act almost as if it’s going to explode,” said Luis Fernando Velasco. Director responsible for the National Disaster Risk Management Unit (UNGRD).

The call from the authorities, who say, “We must not let our guard down,” is to follow the advice of aid organizations.stay informed and avoid falling for the wrong content that may circulate on social networks.

In fact, to clarify the information that worries some, the Colombian Geological Service referred to the possibility of an earthquake.

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(They say) if there is a big eruption, there will be an earthquake that will destroy Manizales. This is wrong!”SCG’s Geothreats manager, John Londoño, said: Corporate Channel.

In this sense, he once again asked Colombians not to fall into the chains that can be sent via messaging applications.. To be on the alert, SGC monitors activity minute by minute with the technological resources it didn’t have when it was buried by the explosion of Armero in 1985.

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“The activity of volcanoes is unpredictable: we can’t say it will behave like it did in 1985 (…) but it has the potential to erupt of this magnitude,” he said.

As Londoño explains, lowering the activity level to yellow They pay attention to how magma develops, the material found at the bottom of the crater looking for an outlet, causing earthquakes and rock breaks.

The transition from orange to yellow requires “a reasonable period of time during which trends and patterns can be observed, allowing us to understand the potential decline in activity, which may take several weeks”.

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Source: Exame

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