A lot is said every day about WhatsApp and the new functionality the platform can add to its app, so we bring you a list of new features that are being tested and may arrive on all devices soon.

It should be noted that there is no definite information about when they will come, but it is believed that it will not last long. because they are in the testing period for beta users.

This is probably one of the most requested new features for the app. Despite the fact that messages in chats can already be deleted, users they ask that certain changes can be made in the messages sent from the platform.

According to the updates in the beta version, it will be possible to see when you tapped on a chat and it will have a ‘ label.Edited‘.

This feature gives users the ability to protect or limit access to certain chats and you can lock them with privacy items like ‘fingerprint’. or keys and passwords so these messages have an even higher level of security. Taking into account that access to the application can also be blocked by the same means.

WABetaInfo, a medium dedicated to analyzing any project the social network launches, noted that the company has developed an update to fix this issue.

The version corresponding to the WhatsApp beta update will show a special icon to set this quality.

Once the user gets there, a menu opens allowing them to choose the quality when sending the photo, including sending the original image in full resolution.

This option suggests that it will now be possible to transcribe voice memos on WhatsApp in the future.

According to WABetaInfo, “Transcriptions are produced locally on the device by downloading the respective language packs and are never shared with WhatsApp or Apple, so you’re the only one who can listen to them.”

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This action is being tested in release whatsapp beta for iOS, it is expected to reach all devices officially in a few weeks.

The platform bets on a new function called “Expired groups”, Its purpose is to set a specific expiration date for the managers who make up the groups.

In addition to avoiding unnecessary device and app storage, this is a feature that can help users: drive in one A better way of mobile phones memory.

Source: Exame

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