Since the orange activity level was declared on Nevado del Ruiz volcano on March 30, authorities took measures to evacuate surrounding communities that could be affected in the event of a possible eruption. In this sense, The Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (Ideam) has issued a red, orange and yellow alert for different municipalities in the affected area due to landslide risks.

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HE Tourism municipality of Quindío is on red alert over Ideam’s forecast of landslide threatthe product of the activity of the volcano.

Instead, the neighboring municipality of Circasia is on yellow alert. Some municipalities in Tolima and Risaralda have the same alert level: Alpujarra, Anzoátegui, Armero (Guayabal), Cajamarca, Carmen De Apicalá, Casabianca, Cunday, Dolores, Falan, Fresno, Herveo, Ibagué, Icononzo, Lérida, Líbano, Melgar , , Natagaima, Ortega, Palocabildo, Planadas, Prado, Purificación, Rioblanco, Roncesvalles, Rovira, San Antonio, Suárez, Villahermosa, Villarrica and Santa Rosa de Cabal.

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May enroll due to spike in Lagunilla, Sabandija and Recio rivers, there is an orange alert in neighboring municipalities. Ideam recommends paying special attention to Ambalema, Murillo, Líbano, Lérida, Armero and Venadillo in Tolima.

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The Chinchina River and tributaries of the Coffee Region may be subject to flash flooding. The focus is on Villamaria and Manizales in Caldas.

Flash floods predicted in the Gualí river and the San Juan riverTherefore, Fresno (Tolima), Mariquita (Tolima), Pennsylvania (Caldas),
Casablanca (Tolima) and Samaná (Caldas). All on yellow alert.

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Lahars or volcanic mudflows are viewed as a destructive phenomenonbecause it is a material that can grow as it descends from Nevado del Ruiz.

In Tolima to the rural areas of Villahermosa, Casabianca, Líbano, Lérida, Falan, Armero Guayabal, Murillo, Venadillo and Ambalema, Formation of lahars that can descend from the valleys of the Lagunilla, Sabandija and Recio rivers.

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This phenomenon can also pass through the Gualí river basin.. That is, rural areas of the municipalities of Herveo, Casabianca, Fresno, Palocabildo,
The municipal seats of the so-called Mariquita and Honda (Tolima) and Mariquita and Honda (Tolima) are on orange alert.

Lahars may also have echoes in the valleys of the Nereidas, Alfombrales, Molinos, Claro and Chinchiná rivers. In Caldas, Manizales, Villamaría, Chinchiná, Palestina, Neira and Anserma are on orange alert, according to Ideam.

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Source: Exame

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