If you’ve heard the name before ‘Twitch’but you don’t know what it means live streaming platform It’s the largest in the world, which started out as a publisher of video game games and has now grown into a show where all sorts of content can be seen, including music, lifestyle and sports. Second, teams like PSG and Arsenal have their own content channels.

According to data from the official portal, Twitch receives around 31 million daily visits and over 2.5 million viewers. On the other hand, he records that nearly nine million creators go live each month.

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As for the history of the platform, it is necessary to know that it was born in 2011 as an alternative company to the famous ‘Justin.tv’ specializing in live broadcasts of video games. in 2014 It was purchased by Amazon for $970 million and is available by purchasing the ‘Amazon Prime’ membership package.

Its growth has been so rapid that there is even ‘TwitchCon’, a conference for gummy video games in general.

twitch works across multiple platforms so you can access it from your phone, computer, game console or smart TVAlso, if you’re a “player”, which means “player” in English, you can sign up there and start monetizing your content through posts, ads, or direct donations from other users who follow or follow you. contents.

To do this, you must first register on the platform, create a channel and download a program that helps you configure the stream and the possibility of recording your game. The most complete app you need to download is OBS, which mentions the special ‘Xataka’ portal where you can start your transfers after installing.

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To see a channel, user or influencer registered on Twitch simply, simply enter the official portal.l https://www.twitch.tv/ and type the name or user of the person you want to see in the bar that appears at the top. You do not need to be registered to see the channels, but there are some channels that do not allow you to see all of them if you are not registered.


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