Safari is the second most used web browser in the world

An analysis commented by Statcounter shows that Safari is one of the most used desktop web browsers.

Safari is the second most used web browser in the world
Safari is the second most used web browser among desktop users worldwide

Safari is back The second preferred web browser for users worldwide. Apple’s web browsing app has recently surpassed Microsoft Edge as the second most used desktop web browser by users. It lost second place to Microsoft’s alternative last year, but has now regained it.

The new data collected by Statcounter shows that: Google Chrome It is currently the most popular web browser. 66.13% with its market share, Safari only one reaches 11.87%.

Most used web browsers on desktop

Safari is the default web browser installed on it. iphoneinside ipad And Match. Therefore, the better the sales figures of Apple products, the higher the popularity of your web browsing application.

Gradually, Safari is getting all kinds of updates that include improvements, functionality and very useful web browsing tricks that allow it to improve the user experience. As a result, it is currently the second best web browser in the world. But despite this, it’s still a long way from Google Chrome.

A 11.87% Percentage of desktop users around the world use Safari regularly. Some data that isn’t bad at all, but nothing compared to those. 66.13% Among Google Chrome users, Google’s browser is unrivaled and proclaims itself the undisputed champion of the industry.

There are many web browsing apps out there, but only a few have managed to find a place among them. 6 best web browsers According to Statcounter now.

Here is the list of most used desktop web browsers from January 2022 to March 2023:

  • Google Chrome: 66.13%
  • Safari: 11.87%
  • Microsoft Edge: %11th
  • firefox: 5.65%
  • Opera: 3.09%
  • Internet Explorer: 0.55%

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Browser Market Share

The launch of macOS Ventura included the rollout of numerous new features such as: web push notifications, share tab groupsadvanced password editing and functionality toggle switches, among others. All these innovations have contributed to making Safari the second best web browser in the world today.

For its part, Microsoft has chosen the implementation and integration of the following functions: artificial intelligence to increase Microsoft Edge usage among users in your ecosystem. The company has truly revolutionized the tech industry by introducing ChatGPT to Bing search.

Source: i Padizate

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