Shazam is now compatible with Apple Music Classic

Don’t you know the name of that song? You can now search for it locally on Shazam, all within Apple Music Classic.

Apple Music Classic

Shazam (app, not the name of that famous superhero) one of the best known music apps worldwide. If you do not know the name of a song, simply open the utility, play it; The app will take care of showing you the name, the artist singing the song, the lyrics and other important information or what you need. to know.

We told you a while ago that Shazam is better integrated into iOS, because you can add a button from the control center so you have all the functions at your fingertips. However this alliance grows as the weeks go by, as it was announced that Shazam is now compatible with Apple Music Classical. What does this mean? Read on for more information.

Shazam and Apple Music Classic are now one

Shazam updated to version 15.33 on most supported iOS devices. As always, these updates are tasked with fixing some minor bugs and improving the overall user experience. But now he has one more big news: He will join Apple Music Classical completely. The following statements are made in the new update:

Shazam and Apple Music

Shazam is now seamlessly integrated into Apple Music Classical

You can now open classic Shazam songs in the Apple Music Classical app. Use Shazam or search for a classic song, tap the menu icon on the track page and select “Open as classic”.

Apple Music Classical has been available since late March 2023. Users can access it with the same Apple Music subscription, and they will have access to over 5 million classical and relaxing music tracks.

This new union It comes from Apple’s plan since 2021when it bought the apple company Shazam for $400 million. From here, the music identification service has evolved to be fully compatible with iOS services.

Source: i Padizate

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