This tik toker @orienredes went viral on the short video platform for sharing a useful discovery with over 15,000 followers: It is an Alkosto winery located in the center of Bogotá that offers “huge discounts”.


inside exit you can see children’s toys, mattresses and household appliances. Among them are ovens for the kitchen, televisions, refrigerators and washing machines from brands such as Challenger and Samsung.

The creator decided to show the prices of some products to the users during the shop tour. For example, he found some in the refrigerator section with discounts of up to 45 percent. Starting at $1,299,900, the device cost $714,945.

Promotions have also spread to the washing machine section. He found a white Samsung washing machine for $3,279,900, which was $1,803,945 at a 45 percent discount.

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On the other hand, he found one in the television space with an initial value of $29,999,900. With the promotion, it got a price of $16,499,945. Tiktoker concluded by saying, “Other products that we all wanted to have at home were more affordable.”

The place he visited, he told me, was the Alkosto de la 30 outlet near the TransMilenio Ricaurte station. Specifically, in the town of Puente Aranda, on Avenida Carrera 30 #10-25.

Outlets are stores where you can buy branded products at very low prices. In many cases, these products are damaged, missing or repaired, so their value is less than market value and there is no warranty.

The video, which went viral on TikTok in a short time, brought together a large number of users who shared their experiences and expressed their opinions in front of such stores.

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“Compare prices before you buy. Just to save 100,000 or 200,000 pesos, I was not and is not worth buying an already repaired product without warranty,” wrote one user. ” said.

@orienredes is gaining popularity on social networks as he tours the city visiting various institutions. These include chain stores, restaurants and mobile food stalls.

When purchasing any product, it is important to analyze the offers and compare prices, quantity and quality. In the future, taking these considerations into account can mean savings for your pocket.

The Undersecretariat of Industry and Trade recommends examining the technical features of the products and sending the relevant user guides and instructions for use. It is important that you also indicate the supplier or manufacturer of the goods or services you have purchased, as the receivables belong to them.

“Pay special attention to promotions, remember that offers must be met at the time of purchase,” the Colombian public agency elaborates, adding that the prices of purchased goods must be verified before payment.

Added to the list of recommendations making sure that the advertised value corresponds to the total price of the product, including taxes or other surcharges. After canceling, always ask for an invoice or receipt in case you need to make a claim later.

Finally, “take a good look at the net content of a product and the size of its container. There may be differences.”

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