Microsoft is trying to revive interest in bingand in a sense he achieved this after integrating features based on ChatGPT. However, those in Redmond would not settle for the benefits of OpenAI technology to gain market share from Google, and for that reason they would go one step further. As reported InformationRedmonds would be ready make it the default browser for Mozilla Firefox.

According to the aforementioned media reports, Microsoft is considering making a contract offer for Mozilla Firefox. which expires this yearand make Bing your new default search engine. The report mentions two people with knowledge of the situation, although there are indeed few details about the proposal.

Consider that today Google pays Mozilla a percentage of the revenue it receives from its online advertising. This is where the Redmonds hit their first hurdle, as the money they make from Bing ads isn’t even close to Mountain View’s money. Therefore, it is assumed that the agreement with the Firefox developers must be agreed under a different structure than the current. And the introduction of generative AI in the hands of GPT-4 and other OpenAI technologies could be a very compelling selling point.

The big question is: is it really useful to have Bing as the default search engine for Mozilla Firefox? And it all depends on how you look at it. Nobody doubts that Google is the number 1 search engine in the world, and that won’t change. Microsoft knows this, and they realize that even the improvements that came to Bing with ChatGPT are not enough to dislodge Californians from their dominance in the sector.

Of course, then the “stealing” of the Mozilla Firefox browser should not affect Google’s market share too much. However, any improvement market share potentially very lucrative for those in Redmond. And therein lies essence question.

Last February, Phil Okenden, Microsoft’s chief financial officer, made it clear that Bing doesn’t need to catch up with Google to make big money. “The total potential market for digital advertising is over half a trillion dollars, of which approximately 40% is in search advertising. Every point of share we earn in this market gives our business a $2,000 million revenue opportunity.” he said in a presentation to investors.

Adding Bing to Mozilla Firefox could be very lucrative for Microsoft

Adding Bing to Mozilla Firefox could be very lucrative for Microsoft

If Microsoft does make Bing the default browser for Mozilla Firefox, it could open the door to a very important new revenue stream. Of course, users will still have the option to change their search engine to Google, DuckDuckGo, or another. But it’s also reality many use the software as installed and do not change the default settings. Either because they don’t know how to do it, or because they just don’t care.

This doesn’t mean that Bing’s only growth strategy is to attract new “dropout” users. But if each new point of market share in the search advertising market can bring in a multi-million dollar revenue, The days of trying to keep up with Google are long gone.. It also doesn’t mean that Microsoft is giving up trying to let you know its products are better than Mountain View’s. After all, it’s in their DNA.

Bringing the new Bing to Mozilla Firefox won’t be the only strategy of its kind that the Redmonds are considering. It was reported a while ago that Samsung is exploring the possibility of including the Microsoft search engine as a default option on its Android phones and tablets. A change that, if implemented, could be a blow to Google. In accordance with New York TimesCalifornians they receive about 3000 million dollars annually searches from mobile devices of a Korean brand.

Information it also indicates that Safari is another potential platform that Bing could target as the default browser. While Apple’s default browser also uses Google, the current link will expire next year.. Will Satya Nadella dare to try to impose his search engine on the products of his former nemesis?

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