It looks like a new criminal act has taken place at TransMilenio. It went viral on social media The video of the thief suspect trying to steal from a system bus was captured by the same passengers.


In the footage recorded by the citizens who witnessed the scene, it is seen that a person is hanging from the double-winged window. Inside, several users are holding it to keep it.

While the subject remained in the air, drivers on the road took off his pants and kicked him several times. Meanwhile, those who hold their arms inside the bus begin to hit their head.

All this happens while the public transport vehicle is stopped, waiting for the green signal at the traffic light. After picking it up, it runs along the track and takes out the alleged criminal.

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According to the statements of the users who reported the incident on social networks, the incident was shown on Caracas Street and 19th Street.

According to the statements of the citizens, it was alleged that the person tried to steal some mobile phones from the window of the bus. However, before he could escape, he was caught by the same passengers on board.

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Users denied the man’s behavior on digital platforms. “Frankly, I think the public is fed up with crime and the lack of action against it,” wrote one internet user. Others applauded the “courage” of the citizens.

According to Jairo Pulgarín, the matter was placed at the disposal of the authorities two blocks from where it was first recorded.

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Source: Exame

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