Carlos Vargas is well known in the national entertainment world. Together with his comrades Frank Solano, Mary Méndez, Carlos Giraldo and Juan Carlos Giraldo, he forms the ‘La Red’ team, a program that closely follows celebrities and gives tips from the entertainment world.


Recently, the journalist was invited to the Eva Rey show called ‘Striptease with Eva’. In a chat, Vargas revealed the details of his professional life, the secrets of his personal life, and his sexual orientation.

In the middle of the conversation, Rey asked Vargas about his investments. As an answer, The host admitted that he lost about $60,000 (just over 270 million Colombian pesos) as a result of the fall in the dollar and sterling.

“I invested a silver last year, when they choose Petro, the dollar hits bottom and the public scandal begins. Queen Elizabeth dies and the pound drops (…) When they told me ‘Money was lost at this time’”, the ‘La Red’ host explained.

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Although the official asked him for three months to get the money back, Vargas gave him one year and two months. “I live on what Caracol gave me,” the journalist said, prompting Eva Rey to question her about her income.

“How much do you get from ‘Snail’? More than 50?” Rey asked, to which Vargas replied: “Yes, yes.” The server did not give the exact number, but according to him, it does not reach 100, he does not even touch them. He concluded by saying that we are on the right track.

Carlos Vargas has been bringing audiences information about show business and the entertainment industry for over a decade. She hosted the show ‘Vibra’ and was the host of ‘Sweet, the sweet taste of gossip’ after her other jobs. In 2011, he joined the team of ‘La Red’, a program he is currently affiliated with.

Investments was just one head of the long list of confessions Vargas made in dialogue with Eva Rey. Among other things, she revealed that she was physically attracted to the children of Juan Manuel Santos and Álvaro Uribe Vélez.

“Sons of Santos, the two men seem sweet to me. I also love Uribe’s sons Jerónimo and Tomás, they seem sexy to me,” said the host of La Red. Daniel Quintero, Armando Benedetti and Fico Gutiérrez are attractive to him Added to the list of incoming political figures.

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Regarding the former presidents, the presenter stated: “I would stay at Álvaro Uribe because he got me out of poverty, because he gave me the car, because I insured the farm. I would have done it on that plastic side”.

Carlos Vargas has been single for nearly four years because according to him he decided to take a break and evaluate what he really wanted in his love life.

Over the years, Vargas has managed to confront the accusations and stereotypes that come with his sexual orientation. Now, he says, people find him funny, kind, and endearing not because of the prototypes derived from sexual attraction patterns, but because of how he meets them.

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