Apple tech company announces a host of new possibilities for mobile phone accessespecially for people with cognitive, vision, mobility or hearing difficulties.

The name of this new option, according to the dedicated tech portal ‘Xataka’ ‘Personal Voice’ and allows your Iphone or Ipad to read a text synthesized with your voice.

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According to the official Apple page, users will be able to create their personal voices in 15 minutes of work.. The user who wants to have a synthesized voice needs to read some sentences on their iPhone or iPad.

Follow step by step once, Currently, it will be possible to write any sentence to the device that will be read with the synthesized voice of the device owner.

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Added to this is that the magnifying tool will be developed according to the ‘Xataka’ portal as it is used for people with vision problems..

The new version will help users interact with physical objects with multiple labels, such as a microwave keyboard.

Finally, you can adjust the speed of Siri to respond to desired calls.In addition to being able to adjust typography and use GIF files and pause gestures in Finder macOS.

These updates are not yet available as you have to wait for Apple to update the operating system.

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Source: Exame

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