expectation of discovery four kids who could survive a spectacular plane crash It continues this Thursday in the Amazon jungle. Although the president Gustavo Petro He reported that the 11-month-old baby, as well as the 13, 9 and 4 year old minors, were found alive, and that the Military Forces still had no contact with them.

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on his behalf, he Colombian Institute for Family Welfare (ICBF) He said Wednesday night he received information that the children who disappeared after the accident would be alive. However, he also said in a statement that the Military Forces were “not able to make official contact” with the minors due to the “difficult weather conditions”.

Even Avianline Charters, the company to which the aircraft belongs, said in a statement. appearance of minors not yet confirmed. At 3 o’clock this Wednesday afternoon, he said, one of his pilots received information that the minors had been found and that they would arrive in the town of Cachiporro at 5 o’clock; but they do not have more information.

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On the other hand, Fatima ValenciaThe children’s grandmother told EL TIEMPO that the authorities had not contacted them. “We don’t know very well, they tell us that a farmer and a peasant found the children” aforementioned.

But on Thursday, President Petro excused himself for the claim that the children were found alive. “As the information provided by the ICBF could not be verified, I decided to delete the trill. I am sorry for what happened. The Military Forces and indigenous communities will continue their tireless search to bring the country the news it has been waiting for. … At this time, there is no priority but to keep searching until it is found. Children’s lives are the best. important thing.”

On Wednesday night, the Mucutuy Valencia and Mendoza Hernández families issued a statement regarding the search for the HK 2803 registered C205 aircraft covering the Araracuara-San José del Guaviare route.

In this they stated “It rejects the misinformation and media management that has been traced to the search, discovery, and traceability of our relatives.”

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In addition, “living conditions and unfounded expectations about their relatives in recent days”.

Families also state that “physical and emotional health is not a game that can be erased and/or easily forgotten.”

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In the statement, they also thanked Avianline company and organizations that supported the search. They recognized the work carried out by dozens of indigenous families who participated in the search for the wounded.

“We request all authorities to carry out the necessary investigations and investigations to determine the causes of the accident,” the family said.

The mother of the little ones, Magdalena Mucutuy, died in the plane crash; Indigenous leader Herman Mendoza and pilot of the plane, Hernando Murcia Morales.

A bottle, a few bows, a pair of scissors, and the remains of fruit found along the way are the rescuers’ paths to find the children.


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Source: Exame

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