As in most of the daily activities of human beings applications Dating, finding a partner or looking for love has become one of the most popular digital tools.

To get an idea of ​​its mass use, it is estimated that Tinder, one of the most used dating platforms in the world, has 57 million registered users. and according to the company’s own data, more than half of its members are so-called Generation Z (young adults aged 18 to 25).


There is no doubt that for today’s generation and even for people in other ages applications Dating sites are a great alternative to meeting people. However, as with all digital tools, you must be careful when using them to have a safer experience, and do so discreetly and accurately.

The options are many when it comes to finding “love”. There are people of all types and profiles for all tastes. But in both cases Enabling security controls is important because on this type of platform you will be sharing a lot of personal information that you need to protect.

We give you some of the company’s advice to help you stay calmer. software Eset cybersecurity expert to use applications Like Tinder, Badoo, Bumble, Happn or Grindr.

Before we begin, one piece of advice that applies in any case is to keep conversations within the app, this will make you less vulnerable to scams and it will make it much easier to report abusers.

Firm Eset states that Tinder only requires an email address and phone number to sign up, which makes it difficult for scammers to create multiple fake accounts and bot profiles. But here are the tips to follow:

– Check the profile. Blue checkmarks are obtained after posting a selfie video to Tinder. The artificial intelligence the app uses will compare that video with profile photos and verify identity.

– Manage your visibility. If you want to take a break, disable the ‘Show on Tinder’ option so only those who have been selected before can see your profile.

– Block unwanted contacts. You can prevent being seen by people you know by entering your e-mail address or phone number in the ‘Block People’ menu.

– Use the Security Center. Tinder shares a lot of material on how to stay safe online and in real life and how to report a scam, please take time to review this content.

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In this case, only women can initiate conversations, although those who want to match with people of the same gender can also use Bumble. Tips:

– Make voice and video calls to verify identity and reduce the possibility of deception.

– Stop. If you want to take a break but don’t want to delete the account, you can choose to hide the profile temporarily.

– Use the hidden option to be visible only to profiles you ‘swipe right’.

– Use the Safety and Wellness Center To access resources focused on physical and mental health, including a guide to avoiding “harmful behaviour,” and tips for reporting an abuser or detecting and getting rid of similar scams cat fishing.

It shows nearby users focused on same-sex dating, mostly men. Some recommendations:

– Change the visibility. Others may find your place without accurately showing how far away you are.

– Appear all over the world. The ‘Discover’ feature allows users to search for contacts from other countries, but can be disabled.

– Disable the ‘Views’ option. You can check all profiles without appearing in the list of people who visited them. You also won’t be able to see who has visited yours.

– Limit geolocation. In the ‘permission preferences’ menu, in particular “precise geolocation” and “offline data” can be disabled, as these allow third parties to extract information, including encounters between specific users.

– Be careful what you share. Sending expired images is preferred.


Badoo shows people nearby and lets you enable a feature called ‘Encounters’ that notifies passersby while the same feature is active. For safer use, Eset recommends:

– Disable the ‘Encounters’ option. This feature is on by default, but you can turn it off if you’re not interested.

– Do not allow public calls. Disable the ‘Public Search’ option to prevent a profile from appearing in search engines.

– Browse privately. Badoo Premium lets you view profiles without letting them know you’ve visited. You may gain less visibility, but you have more control over who contacts you.

– Check the profile. To make sure the people behind the profiles are real, Badoo will ask for a selfie photo to compare with their profile photo.

-Limit who sends text messages. It can be restricted to verified users only.

– Do not participate in unnecessary conversations. If someone texts you and you’re not interested, it’s best to end the conversation.

– Call. Video calls can also be used to authenticate someone.

This app is always geolocation based and shows you the people you meet. If both are attractive, that’s what Happn calls it crush. To use it more securely, follow these steps:

– Handle geographic location carefully. If you agree to persistent location sharing, be sure to turn this option off at certain times when it can endanger you.

– Manage when you share “intersections”. You can disable Happn at certain times of the day, such as when you are at the office.

– Confirm the account. This is a basic feature that can be done with a videoselfie used to compare with profile photos.

– More privacy controls. Even if you disable the ‘Share my waypoints’ option, the distance will still show other users through the ‘discover’ feature, where people in the same domain appear, but you can also hide it by clicking on the ‘More privacy controls’ option.

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