It’s not exactly new to say it’s one of the biggest problems the browser has. Chrome by Google resource consumption – especially memory – is excessive. Some of the competition’s creations, like Safari or Edge, are less aggressive in this department, but that seems like something that could be over soon.

Google has been working for a long time to change this, but for one reason or another, solutions rolled out over time have not been effective. And so, Chrome remains a true “hide”. memory and that means it doesn’t work as it should on some computers. And what we say is especially bloody, if it’s too obvious tabsand this is where the Mountain View company wants to attack directly.

New option for Google Chrome browser

To date, initiatives by the developer company have focused on reducing the merit requirements that Chrome has in order to remain fully operational in each tab. However, as far as is known, the idea the company has is to change the way it works: what to do is what the scanner will do after a certain amount of time when one of them is not used. let him rest (as in computers).

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This is a smart solution, no doubt and it was definitely not taken before due to the high wait times to get said tab working again. And here the right step has been taken to achieve a satisfying user experience – and the advances are in energy management. The point is that reducing RAM consumption must be forced much smallerand that’s something I’ve been able to make unbeatable for the rest of Chrome right now.

Users have no arrival date

This is a pity because according to the source of the information there is currently no data that allows us to know the idea that Google should introduce this innovation in Chrome. Considering that the function we are talking about is not active in the test version of the browser – called Canary yes – we will have to wait until mid-2023 at least for this to happen. Therefore, it is time to wait, but progress aims to be radical and substantial.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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