Through social networks, a video was published according to the user who recorded it. In the emergency room of a hospital in Peru, a doctor and a nurse would be having close relationships.

According to local media reports, the incidents took place at the hospital in Piura, located in the J parcel of the Industrial Zone.

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“The doctor was caught getting intimate with a nurse and other patients waiting for their emergency to be over,” said the videographer.

The publication has more than 12,000 opinions and various comments that dismiss the behavior of doctors and nurses. “Disrespect”, “no shame”, “should be fired”, “go to the hotel”, “spoiled”, “went too far”, “open”.

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The hospital involved in the incident has not made a statement about what happened in the facilities so far, and the date of the incident is unknown.

In Colombia, the term exhibitionism is understood as the display of genitals to constitute harassment or sexual violence. Therefore, the fine that the Police can impose is 1 if people commit such obscene acts.The minimum wage for 6 days is about 533,000 pesos.

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