There are movements in the content directory Disney+. It’s not about including a new series or movie, quite the opposite. Through platforms such as Twitter there were claims. In it, various users began to complain that they did not find fugitivesproduction included in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The detail is not minor, as she has been warning for several weeks about various changes on the Disney+ platform and on Hulu (which is owned by the mouse company). Even on May 19, a list of 50 titles was published that were supposed to leave the service catalog. streaming. So the things fugitives He is not mentioned in this list.

That’s why, may be a technical problem. However, in the context described, there is more confusion and doubt than certainty, especially when it comes to Marvel. These types of moves, as part of the strategy the company is currently developing, are geared towards caring a lot more about the content they offer. The other side of this is that the company was forced to cut costs.

Result fugitives What’s up with Disney+

Recently, Bob Igercompany representative and Christine McCarthy, CFO, explained part of the reality of the company. The platform has lost money with some productions as well as subscribers. This latest figure is estimated at around 4 million in the first quarter of 2023 alone.

In the applications considered ComicBob Iger said the following:

“As we expanded the business in terms of a global footprint, we realized that we were creating a lot of content that didn’t necessarily drive additional growth. We are becoming much more surgical in what we do.. So while we’re aiming to reduce content rotation, we’re aiming to reduce it in a way that doesn’t impact the SOP. We think we have an opportunity to focus more on the actual secondary factors (traffic and subscription).”

Bob Iger, Disney CEO

Disney+ is not the only platform making adjustments to content catalogs and available products. During the economic crisis, the normalization of entertainment habits due to the period of self-isolation due to COVID-19 and the emergence of new competitors, services streaming are in constant transformation.

With regard to this environment, it must be taken into account that this is an area in which content overproduction occurs. So in order to reduce or filter it, the criteria will be higher and higher. It remains to wait for the reaction of the public.

Source: Hiper Textual

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