End of the fourth season succession this may represent “before” and “after” for all the actors and staff involved in the production. In this group of people, one of those most likely to feel most affected is the story maker. Jesse Armstrongwho referred to the meaning of the story’s closure for him.

The Journey of Jesse Armstrong succession began before the start of production in 2018. This year there have been four seasons. It was a story that never stopped growing thanks to its supply. This is largely due to the vision of the creator, who intended from the beginning to make a compact and coherent series with what it offered in terms of storytelling.

Therefore, regarding the end successionwas asked to say:I never thought that this could go on forever. The ending was always on my mind, and I told the actors, “I’m not 100 percent sure, but I think it’s him.” Given the impact production has had on television in recent years, Jesse Armstrong’s doubts seem more than justified. However, going a little further, what does this conclusion represent for him?

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Jesse Armstrong and the End succession

Within content related to succession, Max offers exclusive content with Jesse Armstrong reflecting on the final chapter of the fourth season and the HBO series. In this video, the creator said the following:

“It’s terrible to end it because it was incredibly meaningful.. I love this cast, working with the crew and with my fellow writers. I had some of the happiest moments of my career when I sat in the writers’ room and wrote with them. I’m a little romantic, really. I like the family atmosphere and the relationship between all of us.”

Jesse Armstrong.

A legacy created by Jesse Armstrong.

However, apart from this emotional message, from his point of view, it was necessary to close the scene. Here’s how he explained it:

But one of the few things I can be really tough on is defending the show, its integrity.. The more we discussed it (end succession), it’s clearer that it was supposed to be related to the death of Logan (Roy), the competition between sales (business empire) or not, along with the election (presidential, in the story) and funeral, the end of production. Once I understood this, there was no doubt about it. I had a lot of sadness. But it was something like this:Fine. this is how it should be‘”,

Jesse Armstrong.

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succession, in essence, this is a story about how personal interests can collide with the idea of ​​​​family. Based on this premise, the characters involved mutate over the course of the seasons, addressing various crossroads and conflicts while at the same time having to follow an inevitable fate. The fifth part is not planned, as well as the implementation of any spin off. Four seasons of this series can be seen on HBO Max.

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