Fast & Furious 10 It reached cinemas as the beginning of the closing of the saga. It will be in two parts and one more film will be in development. But on the red carpet of a production in Rome VIN diesel He explained that this would not happen again, but there would be a third part. With the news, as on the tapes, sparks flew in reality.

During this speech in Rome, Vin Diesel explained that the idea for a third film came from Universal Pictures after he saw the end of the first. Yes, the conclusion that has generated a lot of talk since the premiere Fast & Furious 10. Because? It’s open, designed for multiple narrative paths.

No other film or featurette in the franchise has had an ending like this. In several previous productions, one could feel that another feature-length film was possible. However, so far there has not been a closure like the closure Fast & Furious 10, including cameos that the general public may not have expected. On this occasion, Vin Diesel gave an explanation.

Fast & Furious 10: cameos
and the end of the saga

Tenth film in the franchise Fast and Furious served to introduce a new villain, Dante Reyes (Jason Momoa), who is unstoppable. Through it, you can connect this feature film with the fifth part of the story. The result is a universe that continues to evolve and lays the groundwork for the final trilogy, as well as offering the return of their respective characters.

In this context, Vin Diesel explained Diversity the following with regard to cameos and in particular Gal Gadot: “A long time ago we recorded other things that might not fit into this particular film as an ending. Making cameos is very difficult, because you want to [contar con] it’s a great talent and at the same time you have to be very careful to keep your audience emotional at the end of the film. You juggle, and we are very lucky that you can do it.”

In several parts, different characters of the saga appeared and left the story. IN Fast & Furious 10 it repeats. These performances are in many ways a tribute, and can also be understood as a tribute to the viewer who has accompanied the franchise for over twenty years. Regarding the ending, Vin Diesel said:

This is the first time we’ve released a film where the audience says, “I accept the bet and support it.”. Since it’s a cliffhanger, they leave the theater with a different look… there’s another deal. When you see this tape, you understand that we must show the result, because never in the history of Universal [Pictures, el estudio encargado de la producción]there was a cliffhanger like we have in this one.”

Vin Diesel may exaggerate the fact that Universal Pictures there has never been a story with as much tension as this one. However, given the reputation of the saga Fast and Furious and his undeniable commercial success over the years, it’s understandable that the actor is keen to bring a worthy end to the franchise’s tradition. One that will take place at the moment in the next two films.

Fast & Furious 10 It was released in theaters on May 18, 2023.

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