The AppStore app store has stopped working of a number of United Russia apps, this was announced in the press service of the party. The official announcement says that all party apps are disabled on the AppStore platform. Sergei Perminov, Deputy Secretary of the General Council of United Russia, noted that experts are working to restore applications in the form of web pages. He also stressed that “Western figures” cannot directly attack the party’s digital system, so they try to block Russian citizens’ participation in political processes by other means.

The Deputy Secretary General of the party said that although the sanctions against United Russia have been in effect since 2014, the notification about the removal of applications from the AppStore was received only today. He noted that United Russia is a prohibited organization under US law. The AppStore decision may also be due to the successful repulsing of numerous attacks during the pre-vote and the ineffectiveness of other ways of preventing the country’s residents from participating in political life and interacting with the party in the United States. Currently, our IT team is working hard to make apps work as web pages on Apple devices.

Source: Ferra

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