At the end of April 2023, a tweet on the series’ official profile Black mirror warned that there might be some news about production. Shortly after the announcement, the first preview of season six was released, which now has a release date on Netflix and a new fan trailer.

In relation to this series, there have been no more episodes since June 5, 2019. Four years have passed. During that period, humanity experienced the most severe pandemic in its recent history, the habits of consumption and entertainment changed, as well as part of human relationships. It seems not enough, considering that the sixth season Black mirror It will arrive in a completely different context than the fifth one.

On the other side, Black mirror It is recognized as a series that touches on various social issues, dynamic reality, recreates them with the help of fiction and generates criticism full of sarcasm and darkness. Could any of the above be introduced in Season 6? Let’s see. Meanwhile, it can be recognized that Aaron Paul And Salma Hayek They will be the two main performers in this piece.

Trailer for the sixth season of the series Black mirror

Remembering: Black mirror is a series of anthologies created by Charlie Brooker. It focuses on examining the relationship between technology and modern society. Through his episodes, an independent story passes, different from the previous one, but continuing to form part of the narrative whole. This new trailer for Season 6 already features the various stories that will make up this installment.

What makes Black Mirror special? his narrative tone. Each episode is told from a sarcastic, dystopian, provocative point of view. His goal is to recreate, in a way that makes the viewer uncomfortable, people’s attitudes towards technology today. This axis serves as a trigger for other issues such as device addiction, privacy management, and artificial intelligence, among other related topics.

This creates a lot of conversation between viewers who follow the show and those who don’t. Over time, Black mirror he positions himself as a constant guide between conversation and debate. In essence, the production is a kind of contemporary essay about different habits. For this reason, those who see it may have doubts about recognizing themselves in some of the issues reflected in the series.

In addition to the new trailer, it was confirmed that the sixth season Black mirror It will be available on Netflix on June 15th..

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