It’s normal to think that reality is stranger than fiction, and in the case succession, this idea does not change. While the series has captured the attention of millions of people, its dynamic, marked by personal tension, goes beyond a fictional story. There are even several families that gave rise to this production HBO.

Examination: succession It premiered in 2018 as a series revolving around an axis: the Roy family and the business empire it runs. From that first season to the last one, which ended on Sunday, May 28, 2023, each episode has grown steadily. What produced it? A kind of modern classic, a proposal that is praised by critics and which, perhaps in time, will become the benchmark for television.

Jesse Armstrong he managed to draw up a kind of portrait of part of the world economic elite. In the meantime, HBO has been adding awards season after season, and each episode has contributed to the continuation of this building, inspired by some famous families. What he? We see it below.

Families who inspired succession

Although it may seem that everything that happens in succession The action takes place in a small room, the main thing in this series is not so much the context as the tension that arises between members of the Roy family. With their actions, values ​​and anti-values, they mobilize and set the pace for the series. According to the work BBC Worldsome of these personalities are inspired by the following families.

Murdoch family

This is one of the most obvious and common mentions by followers and critics alike. The main parallel can be found between Logan Roy, played by Brian CoxAnd Rupert Murdochchief representative of the empire news corporation, in which different carriers meet. It is common knowledge that for many years Murdoch tried to find among his children an heir capable of bringing to life the huge business ship owned by the family.

Hearst family

This surname manages companies such as: Chronicle of San FranciscoMagazine squire and chains ESPN And A+Ecompanies it shares with Disney. It is estimated that his condition, according to Forbesvalued at $21 billion.. According to the media cited, “The Hearst dynasty began in 1887 when William Randolph Hearst received a newspaper from his father. San Francisco Daily Examiner and built it into an empire of over 20 million readers through the purchase of other titles under the Hearst Corporation brand.

Logan during a family dinner.

Mercer family

Through different characters, both main and secondary, succession He threw various references to the world’s most important economic elite. Kind of like an essay about families that don’t have major problems paying their bills. The Mercer family is another family featured in this series. Part of his fortune was accumulated Robert Mercera billionaire who started making money by investing in the stock market.

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Sulzberger family

In 2019, one year after the release succession, Vanity Fair indicated that this family was one of the inspirations for the series. Who are they? The Sulzbergers are the owners of the newspaper. New York Times. The parallels between this family and the series are established by both the wealth and the editorial disputes that both have gone through.

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