As of June 1, 2013 subscribers Netflix you can watch the documentary 13 days. It is about the Julen case, like an accident in which a two-year-old boy named Julen Rosello, fell into a narrow and deep well in Totalan, Malaga. The incident caused a national outcry, and that’s part of what this play is all about.

Three 50 minute episodes later, 13 days affects different moments of the event. The starting point is Julen’s parents Rosello, Jose and Victoria, who had to go through all the circumstances. Along with their testimonies, there are, in particular, testimonies Angel Garcia Vidalrescue technical coordinator, Sergio Tunonformer head of the Naval Rescue Brigade, and one of Nicholas Randoa member of the Civil Guard mountain group that rescued the child’s body.

Director 13 days, Hernan Zinexplained in a statement released by Netflix that the series “redefines the genre true crimein Spain, offering respectful treatment of the victims. From Zeen’s point of view, this is a documentary series that: “Reflects us as a society, with our lights and shadows.”

13 dayson Netflix
and the story that inspired this documentary series

What’s happened? On January 13, 2019, two-year-old Julen Rosello fell into a well while playing on his family’s farm located in Totalan, Malaga.. In this regard, it was necessary to intensify the rescue operation for several days, since the conditions and characteristics of the place where the child fell were difficult.

Digging into this last aspect: the well had a diameter of about 25 centimeters with an estimated depth of 71 meters.. Added to this are the conditions of the terrain, defined as difficult. Because of this, the rescue attempts were extended by 13 days, which did not lead to a favorable outcome for the family.

This caused a shock in public opinion. There have been various discussions about this. Some of them were related to the safety of construction and the need for preventive measures to avoid tragedies like the one described. The complexity of the case even led to legal investigations to find out what happened and determine responsibility.

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