This Thursday afternoon, Attorney General Francisco Barbosa assured that the National Police is returning to its old illegal wiretapping practices.action more commonly known as ‘shots’.

In this case reference is made to the fact that Marelbys Meza was unlawfully arrested by the authorities of the Judicial Police Dijín.

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Marelbys Meza, Laura Sarabia’s former nanny– head of the president’s cabinet Gustavo Petro -. The official reported that some money was stolen from his apartment – the amount is immediately investigated -; some versions amount to 7 thousand dollars, and others 150 million pesos -.

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In this direction, Marelbiys, in an interview with the magazine, Week, He reported that he had been subjected to a polygraph test at a center in front of Casa de Nariño.

In parallel, the former nanny assured that she felt pressured by the uniformed staff. Regarding this situation, the Prosecutor said,robbery was not a national security case” this would justify putting the lady to the test in question.

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Today, after the publication of the magazine To changeIt turned out that Marelbys had been apprehended by the Forensic Police – at the time he was subjected to the polygraph test.

Prosecutor Barbosa confirmed this illegal wiretapping.

According to the Attorney General, an arrest warrant was falsified from a Dijín communications room, for the former babysitter and another lady who worked at Sarabia’s home.glossed over as helpers of the ‘clan del Golfo’‘.

Next came the pseudo-helpers of the ‘clan’, nicknamed the Godmother and the Cook.

The Dijín listening room reports to the head of the Judicial district. but at the time the unit was headed by General Olga Patricia Salazar, who was to respond as director of Dijín.

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Today, General Salazar was handing over Dijín to take over as financial director of the National Police.

Likewise, Prosecutor Barbosa did not give the names of the persons to be called to testify, but according to sources consulted with the Police, those who wrote the official letter, conducted the hearings and signed the report are the same. .

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There will be at least 10 men in uniform, including General Salazar, who will have to go to the prosecutor’s office to make a statement.The source stated that until the situation is analysed, there will be no comment from its chief executive, General William René Salamanca, for now.

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