There is news regarding captain america 4 or rather Captain America: Brave New World. Yes, exactly as it is written in the second heading. The name of the production has changed and while there is still no official explanation, there is the first image released by the protagonist of the story, Anthony Mackie.

Through his Instagram profile, Anthony Mackie has shared the first officially available behind-the-scenes photo without any filtering. The actor did this in a context in which the figure Harrison Ford noted in the industry, about Indiana Jones 5. Why is it relevant? Ford, one of the most significant actors of modern cinema, appears in the image.

It should be remembered that Harrison Ford will join Marvel Cinematic Universe during now called Captain America: Brave New World. Ford will play General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, replacing the late actor. William Hurtwho held this role during these years. The character, also known for his role as Han Solo in the franchise, is expected to star Warsthe life of the Red Hulk.

From Captain America: New World Order To Captain America: Brave New World

The image shared by Anthony Mackie is accompanied by the following message: “When Harrison Ford tells you what a kicker should look like, listen up! LoL… Thank you for the wisdom on set and the laughter my friend! I can’t wait to do it again…” This is followed by another final sentence: Captain America: Brave New World from Marvel Studios, in theaters May 3, 2024“.

If, reading the description, one might think of a possible oversight in the title of the film, then it was enough to look at the image between the two actors to find out that even one of the chairs on the set already has the new film logo. . In this you can read the name change, Captain America: Brave New World in red letters. So, although this is not an official statement from the production company, this publication can be considered an official announcement.

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What does this mean?

When captain america 4 it was announced, began to be interpreted that the film would have an important political overtones. Anthony Mackie has just taken up the mantle in Falcon and Winter Soldier. At the end of this episode, his commitment to the shield was filled with a different symbolic and social charge than that previously shown. Through it, topics such as racism and police violence were touched upon.

So, between the configuration of the title and the approach that began to be applied to the character, it was believed that the feature film would carry political weight that perhaps no other in the franchise has. In this sense, a part of this essence is preserved with Captain America: Brave New World and the possibility is suggested that the tape lays the foundations of a new context.

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This happens at the time when Marvel Cinematic Universe It received various negative reviews. Most of them involve the repetition of his narrative formula. Added to this, some recognizable characters left the story. These are times of change in the franchise, even in the title of some productions.

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