Franchise Black mirror It is known for recreating critical scenarios in relation to modern society and technology during its seasons. Based on these aspects, the chapters of each part serve as triggers to cover several topics. In the ecosystem of technologies and new digital resources, something hot has recently appeared: artificial intelligence, served through services such as ChatGPT.

But what can happen if the creator Black mirror, Charlie BrookerWill you be using ChatGPT to write an episode of your series? Well, this scenario happened and the experience was not entirely satisfactory. Even the result described by the author may cause some reflections regarding the use of this tool and artificial intelligence.

Black mirrorhow it happened at the time Simpsonserved as an anticipation of scenarios that, after some time, eventually become reality. One of the closest, for example, is associated with the mixed reality glasses introduced by Apple. After the presentation, quite a few social media users began to recall the production created by Charlie Brooker.

Taking into account the attitude Black mirror With technology and various digital ways to access it, why not try a resource like ChatGPT? That’s what happened.

Black mirrorChatGPT and the disappointment of Charlie Brooker

So far, the last chapter of the series aired on Netflix four years ago. Between this past and present, humanity has experienced various changes in terms of entertainment and forms of consumption. Technology has played a key role, especially during the worst months of the lockdown due to the pandemic. COVID-19. In this regard, the sixth season Black mirror.

In recent months boom artificial intelligence through services such as ChatGPT have become popular. Charlie Brooker was partial to this. at a meeting with Empirethe author described his experience with the tool: “I played around with ChatGPT a bit. The first thing I did was type “create an episode from Black mirror‘ and something appears that at first glance looks plausible“.

The author added a nuance to what was said:But at first glance, it sucks. What it does is it searches for all episode synopses Black mirror and mix them. Then, if you dig a little deeper, you say:Oh, there really isn’t any original thought here.‘. This is Mike Yarwood (comedian): there is a relevant reference.” However, Charlie Brooker was able to draw something positive from this experience.

Thanks to the synopsis reflected in the tool and some other testing done by Brooker, he saw potential for improvement. Here’s how he put it: “I knew I had written a lot of episodes where someone says, ‘Oh, I was inside a computer the whole time!’ So what to do in these cases? “I thought, ‘I’m going to drop any sense of what I think about the episode Black mirror is. There’s no end to an anthology show if you can’t break your own rules.. It was like a nice glass of cold water in the face.”

Season six Black mirror It will be released June 15th..

Source: Hiper Textual

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