fans squid game, will have to wait longer than expected for the return of the series. According to an extensive Vanity Fair article, Season 2 may arrive in 2024. It’s an inevitable portrait that clearly shows the complex nature of one of the most popular Netflix shows ever.

By the date squid game is one of the consummate materials of the online subscription service. In fact, this is the record it has held since its premiere. In the first 28 days, The first season of the series was watched by a total of 1.6 billion hours.. Turned into an unclassifiable event, it has not only become one of the strengths of the Netflix catalog. And also in one of the programs, whose return the fans are looking forward to.

But it will take more than a year for the series to air. The process of creating an argument for the big bill will take longer than expected, sources said. Especially after the first season showed significant complexity, touching on several topics at once. From the concept of threat, danger and bloodshed to significant political commentary. squid game managed to successfully combine different genres and themes. To their return requires the same level of quality.

Squid game: journey through fear and sophisticated horror

Article published this week Vanity Fair going through a long process of setting the stage for a Netflix series. From the difficulties that Hwang Dong Hyuk had to face to delving into confusing topics. The series required a long planning period, which included finding the exact moment for its production, as well as how to implement such a premise.

squid game tells the story of a creepy game that pushes a huge group of players to the limit. Forced to participate due to debts and even medical records, the series explores the ruthless and brutal way characters must face terror. Particularly when the argument highlights the monstrous mechanism that keeps the system going. Each player must pass all sorts of challenges to receive the final reward in the form of a million in cash. But first he must pass through death – kill or be killed – in increasingly extreme conditions.

The formulation of such an idea implies that Season 2 should overcome the difficulties that the plot imposes. Avoid, not only repeat the central approach, but also find a new one within the same limits. In fact, the creator never had among the possibilities for the future production of filming the second season. And as the article explains, the fact that you can now do this means you have to come up with an idea from scratch.

The future of the disgusting game

El juego del calamar Netflix

article Vanity Fair makes it clear that the second season is just getting started on Netflix. Actually, creator squid game admitted that he only had three pages of ideas to turn into a main script. “Humanity will be tested in these games again and again,” sums up, according to the magazine, the general idea for the future.

Hwang also wants to bring new depth to his approach, especially exploring the more painful side of the game: “I want to ask the question: is real solidarity between people possible?” explained the creator. Can you solve such a dilemma? We’ll have to wait over a year to find out.

Source: Hiper Textual

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