FlashAndres Muschietti, travels the multiverse from DS publishing house on a scale that impresses with its ambition and complexity. This is the conclusion of everything that has been raised so far in the franchise. What makes his plot explore not only his characters, but also the broad context of events that intertwine with each other in the proclamation of something more.

From alternate realities that allow the creation of unknown scenarios, to the presence of new figures that become part of the studio’s mythology. Flash it goes through several narrative threads that show that the announced reboot of the saga that James Gunn mentioned is deep and total. To complete it with Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) in an unprecedented timeline, and apparently isolated in it, the last fragment of the so-called snyderverse disappears. So any argument in the future will have to embrace this idea and embrace its myriad possibilities.

Ezra Miller, star of The Flash, in the arms of Tom Cruise

The fact that the only post-credits scene Flash support it in some way. It reveals that Barry Allen he realizes that he has discovered the multiplicity of reality. But also the fact that the only character from previous films to survive his time travel is an old acquaintance from the world of DC films. Near Aquaman/Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) who, unlike Batmanretains its history and its appearance in the new reality.

Announced unknown universe

Scene after credits Flash shows Barry Allen when trying to explain Arthur his latest adventure. They both meet at a bar and the former seems to be relieved because the one he met still looks the same and recognizes him. Therefore, he tries to describe in detail everything that he lived up to that time. The complexity and infinity of the substance of reality, the danger speed force and many variations Batman/Bruce Wayne whom he met in his unique journey through different timelines.

Michael Keaton as Batman in The Flash

But Jason Momoa’s character is too drunk to fully understand the complicated explanation. In fact, the scene is short and humorous and shows that nothing much has changed regarding the Atlantean.

At least that his character, his history and everything he has learned in his long journey through his recent adventures remain the same. Which leads to the inevitable question of whether there is only one version Aquaman — or, at any rate, the circumstances that surround him. Something that the scene clearly points to.

tangled end Flash

If so, he will be the only character to make it through the reboot and join James Gunn’s reconfiguration plan. Having Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom the release date is – for now – in December of this year, curious news for fans.

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Much more when the scene after the credits Flash it ends with Arthur giving one of his Atlantean rings to Barry. While this seems to be just a gesture of friendship, it may not be entirely coincidental. Especially because of the way the sequence shows it as a meaningful fact. Is this a way to show that the speedster will be part of the history of the future? It remains only to wait.

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